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It was a place that immediately bought to mind thugs, gangs and the dark side of society; A sprawling place of run down buildings and long, dark alleyways, more lit by the half-moon in the sky then by any normal lights. The strange sense of abandonment, of emptiness, only added to the haunted feeling, but the girl who stood in front of one of the walls seemed unbothered. In fact, she seemed delighted, with a half smile on her face as she stared at the graffiti on the wall. Her blue clothing was out of fashion, and her golden eyes seemed to reflect the light, giving her an otherworldly appearance in the otherwise normal surroundings.

"Yes." She announced in a delighted tone, to no one in particular, "This must be graffiti. Tribal markings of ones name, to signify ownership of the property. How unique! Perhaps I should try marking something, since this is my dream. It would be a shame to leave without attempting the native customs."

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ITP - Rainy Forest

The rain came down steadily. He leaned against the tree, letting the water soak into his clothes in distaste. Not like any dream he has been in,yet it was still a dream in nature. He brushed some of the stray droplets off his face, the trunk of the tree cutting into his back, too real, too rough for his liking. Staying in one place bothered him and the feeling of uselessness remained, itching at him from under his skin. The leaves of the trees rustled whimsically as the rain continued to beat down against the green. He sat down, letting the wetness of the grass seep into his clothes. At the moment, he could not be bothered to move, the lethargy and the weather getting to him. Without a soul in sight, he felt, for the first time, truly hopeless
water seeping


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